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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

continue answering

Module 5 (Software for ELT)

1. What do you like about this module?
- has improved my basic skills in using Ms. Publisher for different purposes.

2. What do you not like about this module?

- so far, none.

3. What do you like about the task given for this module?

- personal experience to create own brochures, pamphlets, business card etc.

4.What do you not like about the task given for this module?
- need more time...rigid and really specific..fussy~

5. What are the specific skills that you learn in this module?

- how to make flyers, business card, envelope etc.

6. How the skills learnt in this module can help in the making and choosing of teaching aids for the ELT classroom?

- teach pupils to be creative~~~

10. If you can change anything about this course, state what it is and elaborate?

- giving out the modules to the students earlier, at beginning of the semester.., starting from the second week of the semester so that we won't rush to complete all the 5 modules and tasks given just before the study week...apart from that, nothing~ i enjoy to be apart of this course...~

On a scale of 1-10, please rate your computing and technological skills for both before and after undergoing the course.

Before: 3 After: 8


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